August 7

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I registered for my 9-week class at Multyprep, Inc. a month ahead of time.  For the next 4 weeks, in anticipation, I decided to explore employment opportunities near my home under, the title “Certified Central
Sterile Technician (CRCST).” I wanted to know what this field had to offer and I discovered that this position not only goes by several different “titles” such as, “Sterile Processing Technician” but second, I learned that a CST Certificate is good in ALL 50 states, Canada and Mexico!

But most importantly, there are literally dozens of jobs within a 20-mile radius of where I live. Instantly, this told me I was on the right path for job opportunities and gainful employment.
The amount of CST jobs was crazy! This made me even more excited and assured me that I’m on a rewarding career path.
Out of curiosity, I continued to search for jobs online right up until the first day of class, using various search titles and Internet career portals.

There were ALWAYS jobs in each of the 5 Boroughs, Long Island, New Jersey and
Connecticut!  My research always indicated that the career outlook was excellent!

Apparently, factors like our aging population, increased access to health insurance and the greater demand for healthcare services, to
name a few, are responsible for a surplus in positions.

CST job opportunities are expected to increase by 10.9 % through 2026.

Further, obtaining a CST Certification NOW separates you from most people already employed in the field. Since 2015, certification has only been required in four U.S. States: New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Tennessee! Therefore, most currently employed CSTs are NOT certified so, when a new candidate applies for a job locally or ANY of U.S. States, having a certification puts you on a distinct level and gives you an employability edge. Even healthcare workers beyond the Tri-State, who are presently working in the CST Field but not required to hold a certificate, are scrambling to get a certificate for a future job opportunity and job security.

On my first Saturday Morning in the classroom at Multyprep, Inc., I was enthusiastic and ready to dive into the coursework.
Classes at Multyprep, Inc. are not only affordable but consist of 2 valuable elements which put it above other area programs. It is condensed into 9 manageable weekends and not spread out over more weeks on weekdays and it is “Hands On” instruction!!! Multyprep, Inc. has a highly trained, Certified Instructor who actually works in the CST field now and leads students thru textbook guided instruction and activities over the 9 weeks. This method offers students of all language and levels the time to learn and ask questions and understand and enjoy every aspect of their future careers.

I was relieved. To me, this should NOT be a “Distance Learning” education when the profession itself is so tactile and physical in nature! I also did not want my instruction to go beyond two months when there were so many available jobs offering good salaries and benefits right away. With our class of 10 students in place, Gelya introduced us to our Instructor, Rene and issued us our textbooks. Every one of my fellow students had done prior research too, on their future careers and were ready to get started! Each one of use was unique though. We came from different countries, cultures, educational levels, professional backgrounds and ranged in age from 19 to 53 years old. However, we all had one thing in common – After only 9 weeks and with all of our knowledge and class instruction “under our belts,” we would ALL become “Healthcare Professionals,” and ready to pass our IAHCSMM Certification Exam. With a Multyprep, Inc. Course Certificate, a Provisional Certification and an in-depth understanding of what it means to be a CST, we would ALL be employable and ready for a job in any of the 50 U.S. States, Canada, and Mexico!