August 29

PART III:  On our first day of class, the first of nine Saturdays and eight Sundays, we were all excited to see where this journey would take us. As we received our textbooks, our professor Rene told as us about the many avenues this career could lead us to! A Central Sterile Processing Technician position (CST) is not only a hospital position but a CST can find themselves in a working in a neighborhood, hospital affiliated, surgical or medical center, or a dentist’s office or plastic surgeon’s office.

Rene also explained that there are several facilities that process sterile equipment for shipment to each of these facilities because some don’t have sterile centers “in-house”. I instantly realized that this wasn’t just an educational opportunity that would simply lead me to one type of job in a hospital but that several other opportunities existed. Depending on where I applied and how many resumes I sent out, I could possibly quadruple my chances of getting a job interview and job offers in my field. Rene also took the time to tell us about his own experiences in the profession as CST.

When Rene started in this profession in his native country, working as a CST, he explained that his facility was often short staffed and that nurses and doctors asked him to assist them in procedures and other job-related duties. He learned so much on the job. He received so many alternate opportunities, that eventually he obtained other certifications and positions beyond what he already loved doing as a CST. Rene became certified as a Radiology Tech, an Anesthesia Tech and a Surgical Tech, which he does today in addition to teaching. He told us this would be possible for us to give the right position. He added that there was always an opportunity for advancement in CST positions too. In the first 15 minutes of my class at Multyprep, I knew there would be several choices available to me and many lucrative options. However, I had to first dedicate myself to the classes, complete the coursework and most importantly, pass the certification test. Until now, I was only finding low paying jobs that were not professional nor stimulating. Most of the time, I wouldn’t even hear back from employers after I submitted my application and resume. With so many options as a Certified CST, I knew things were about to change.