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February 12

Only 25 days left

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OFFERED BY IASCHMM (International Association of Healthcare Central Service Materiel Management)
Minimum Requirements for Enrollment: High School Diploma/GED.



  • Introduction to decontamination processes
  • Preparation and packaging
  • Sterilization, Sterile Storage and Distribution
  • Regulations and Standards
  • Quality Assurance and Inventory Management.

Students also introduced to Legal, Ethical and Moral Issues, Communication Skills, Introduction to Microbiology, Infection Control, Medical Terminology, and Anatomy; Surgical Instrumentation; Methods of Sterilization; Monitoring and Recordkeeping.

The course is conducted by the IAHCSMM Certified instructor.


High-Paying Medical Careers With Less Than 4 Mount of School.

January 19

High-Paying Medical Careers With Less Than 4 Mount of School.


What Sterile Technicians Do:

Central service technicians work in sterile processing areas of operating rooms, materials management and infection control departments of hospitals. Their responsibilities may include:

Decontaminating, packaging, sterilizing and distributing medical instruments and supplies.
Monitoring inventory.
Assembling instruments and trays.
Cleaning and maintaining sterilizer systems.

Next class for Sterile Technician course will start on March 9, 2019.
Register before March 6, and get $25 off, bring a friend, get another $25.

Today (1st January, 2019) is… Commitment Day

January 1

I do. I will. I promise. I vow. Such lovely words… These words have long invoked sweet feelings of assurance and hopefulness, and have been used in marriage vows and such for likely just as long.

Commitment is a beautiful thing, and Commitment Day is a day when you can show that special person in your life just how much they mean to you by committing in some way to them.

Or perhaps there’s some sort of activity you’ve been meaning to start (or stop!) for a long while—Commitment Day is your chance to say, “right, that’s it, I’m going for it, and I am going to stick with it!”

History of Commitment Day

Commitment day has been around for years because let’s be honest: what could deserve its own day more than the beautiful thing that is a commitment? The first known Commitment Day was celebrated in 1960 as an extension of the tradition of New Year’s Resolutions—however, commitments are different from resolutions in that they are more often made to people, so they can benefit others as well as you!

How to Celebrate Commitment Day

There must be at least one person or issue in your life that deserves your commitment, your promise that you will fulfill. Maybe you’ve been dating the same person for years and years and have never asked him or her to tie the knot because the whole wedding thing just seemed a bit daunting to you? If both people in the relationship feel that way, then making the decision not to get married is fine.

However, if your significant other is the kind of person who longs for the romance of a wedding, even a small one, maybe it’s time to take that sped in your relationship?

Or maybe it’s not your partner who needs a bit more commitment—maybe it’s your children that you constantly plan to have more time for but somehow never manage to? Your job is very important, as it is what keeps a roof over your family’s head and pays for their various other needs and wants, but sometimes there is nothing a child needs more than just to spend some time with his or her parents.

In other words, Commitment Day is the ideal time to make that heartfelt pledge and see it through to the end!



December 30


В мире, пожалуй, нет ни одного человека, кто в течении своей жизни хотя раз не попадал- бы в госпиталь, клинику или в какое-то другое медицинское заведение. Вы, несомненно, видели как синхронно работает медицинская бригада – врач выслушивает пациента, медсестры проводят процедуры и тесты, ассистенты помогают медсестрам. И все они нуждаются в огромном количестве разного инструмента для выполнения работы. Невозможно представить, что хирург не найдет зажим, а медсестра –шприц . Одноразовые и многократного использования, инструменты должны быть доступны в любое время и в любом количестве. Важнейшее требование ко всем инструментам – АБСОЛЮТНАЯ СТЕРИЛЬНОСТЬ.



Наша газета связалась с компаний MULTYPREP, Inc., расположенной в самом центре Бруклина на 86 улице и проводящей курс подготовки к этому тесту.

Мы провели короткую беседу с владелицей этой компании – Гелей Котляр.

РР. Здравствуйте, Геля. Не могли-бы Вы более подробно рассказать нам об этой интересной, но не очень
известной большинству ищущих работу людей, профессии – STERILE TECHNICIAN.

ГК. Да, конечно. Стерилизация, а точнее, чистка медицинского инструмента, проводилась ещё во времена
Гиппократа. Стандартизация-же этой специальности в Соединенных Штатах началась в середине 40-х
годов, когда по инициативе Американского Колледжа Хирургов ответственность за проведение всех
работ по подготовке, стерилизации и хранению инструмента решено было возложить на вновь
созданный департмент стерилизации (СS Department).

PP. Так значит, на сегоднящий день, мы гарантированны от заражения инфекциями при попадании в
ГК. К сожалению, нет. В течении длительного времени в большинстве медицинских заведений все
работы по стерилизации проводятся людьми взятыми, практически, с улицы и получившими
начальную подготовку непосредственно в процессе работы. Даже те из них, кто имеют специальное
медицинское образование, не знают всех тонкостей этой работы.

РР. В связи с этим Вы и решили открыть подготовительные курсы?
ГК. Не совсем так. Примерно 3 года назад, из-за огромного количества количества инфекционных
заболеваний (около 800,000 судебных дел!), губернаторы некоторых штатов запретили принимать на
работу в области стерилизации медицинского инструмента людей без сертификата и обязали всех
уже работающих сдавать этот тест.

РР. Насколько сложен этот тест?
ГК. Это “multiple choice” тест, 150 вопросов и 4 ответа на каждый вопрос. Проводиться он на компьютере в
течении 3 часов. Понятия сложности не существует, и, как мы всегда говорим нашим студентам:
“Только 2 типа вопросов существует – тот, на который вы можете ответить или тот, на который вы не
можете ответить ”. Все, кто серьёзно отнеслись к подготовке – сдали тест и работают.

РР. Каковы перспективы роста на этой позиции и, если не секрет, каковы зарплаты?
ГК. Зарплаты – не секрет. Старт в Нью Йорке варьируется в пределах $19 – $25 в час , но это только
начало. Возможности роста по работе и,соответственно, роста зарплаты очень большие.
Уже через 1,5- 2 года реально стать руководителем группы (team leader). Зарплата – $80К +,
далее – руководитель оффиса – $100К +. Зарплата руководителя департмента в среднего размера
госпитале – от $150К.
В ближайшее время мы намерены открыть еще одни курсы в подобной области где зарплаты
стартуют уже от $63К.
И, практически, большинство госпиталей предоставляют хорошие страховки.

РР. Помогает-ли ваша компания в трудоустройстве?
ГК. Несомненною. И это важный вопрос. Количество открытых позиций на маркете огромно.
Достаточно проверитьэто на интернете (Google, Monster, Indeed….) По окончании курса мы выдаем
каждому студенту сертификат подписанный нашим преподавателем, который принадлежит к
организации IAHCSMM проводящей тестирование. Так-же мы пишем каждому студенту персональное
резюме, помогаем в его рассылке и готовим к собеседованию.

РР. Как долго длятся ваши курсы?
ГК. Курсы проходят только по субботам и воскресениям с 9 утра до 4 часов дня. Суммарно это 120 часов
теоретических и практических занятий. Кроме того, каждый студент получает новейшее издание
книги, выпущенной упомянутой выше IAHCSMM.

РР. И последнее – ваши координаты.
ГК. Наш контактный телефон – 718-996-8378
Адрес – 2118 86 street, 2 floor, Brooklyn, NY 11214
Вы также можете найти нас на Интернете

HAPPY BOXING DAY! Interesting Boxing Day Facts

December 25

Boxing Day Facts

Boxing Day is celebrated on the day after Christmas, December 26th each year in various countries around the world, generally those that were settled by the British Commonwealth. It is believed that Boxing Day originated because the servants of wealthy families typically had to work on Christmas Day. For their services they were usually presented with gift boxes at the end of Christmas Day, and they were allowed to take the next day off work to spend with their own families. Another theory of the origin of Boxing Day is that churches opened donation boxes in December 26th and distributed the contents to the poor. In the church, December 26th is also the Feast of St. Stephen.
Interesting Boxing Day Facts:
The Oxford English Dictionary defined Boxing Day as “the first week-day after Christmas-day, observed as a holiday on which post-men, errand-boys, and servants of various kinds expect to receive a Christmas-box”.
The Christmas boxes given to servants in Britain on Boxing Day often contained gifts, or leftover food from the family’s Christmas feast.
In England the practice of hunting wrens was once a popular activity on Boxing Day. It was considered unlucky to kill wrens on any other day.
During the Age of Exploration it was not uncommon to place a Christmas box on ships. The money put in the box by sailors, for good luck, was later given to a priest. The priest would open the box on Boxing Day and distribute the money to the poor.
Boxing Day is observed in the United Kingdom, Barbados, Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Kenya, Guyana, South Africa, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, and in some U.S. states.
The U.S. states that celebrate Boxing Day as a public holiday include Texas, Virginia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Kentucky and Kansas.
Some have seen Boxing Day as a day to return Christmas gifts to the store if they were unwanted or needed to be exchanged.
In Britain Boxing Day is a bank holiday and has been since 1871. British banks also stay closed on Christmas, Good Friday, Easter, Whitmonday, and the last Monday in August.
In the Christian Church, December 26th is also the Feast of St. Stephen. This day commemorates St. Stephen for his work in the church, mostly caring for the poor and for widows. He was eventually stoned to death by an angry mob. He is remembered for begging God not to punish his killers as he was being stoned to death.
South Africa changed the name in 1994 from Boxing Day to the Day of Goodwill.
Some people celebrate by gathering gifts to give to poor people at home and around the world.
Some countries have turned Boxing Day into a huge shopping day, similar to Black Friday, with huge markdowns and sales. In some Canadian provinces Boxing Day is a statutory holiday.
In the United Kingdom there is a full day of Premier League football (soccer in North America) on Boxing Day. Rugby, hockey and even horseracing are also popular Boxing Day sporting events.


December 6

High School Diploma/GED
Professional Certification issued by IAHCSMM (Mandatory in NY, NJ and CT)
Few months to 1 year of experience as a sterile processing technician
Average starting salary: $17+/h. (In NY, NJ, CA-from $20-$25/h)

1-2 Years of experience as Technician I
Renewed Professional Certification
Average starting salary-$19+/h.

2-3 Years of experience as a Technician I/II
Professional Certification
Average starting salary-$22+/h.


Some college credits or Associate’s degree preferred but not required
Professional Certification
3+ years of experience
Average starting salary-$35+/h (Up to $75,000/year)


Degree in business administration or healthcare related field
Professional Certification
5+ years of experience
Average starting salary-$40/h (up to $100,000/year)


Degree in business administration or healthcare related field
Professional Certification
6+ years of experience
Salary in hospitals -$120K -$220K/year


Did you know? October 2018 was Black Cat Awareness Month

October 30

Did you know? October 2018 was Black Cat Awareness Month
Pet Myths: Are Black Cats Bad Luck?

Many people perceive black cats to be bad luck. But is there any truth to this widespread superstition? According to researchers and veterinarians, the answer is no.
Mythology and lore about black cats goes all the way back to Greek mythology. In one of the stories, Zeus’s wife Hera transformed a servant named Galinthias into a black cat as punishment for interfering with her plan to delay the birth of Heracles. Galinthias then became an attendant of Hecate, the goddess of magic, witchcraft, and death.
During the Middle Ages, black cats became associated with the devil, witches, witchcraft, and evil. Some people even believed that black cats assisted witches in their practice of magic and that witches could shape-shift into cat form. There’s a long tradition in European witchcraft of associations between witches and animals, and that was very often a cat. As fear and superstition spread throughout Europe, mass killings of black cats occurred.
As far back as the Romans, people also interpreted chance encounters with animals as indicators of future events. For example, “a cat running across your path from right to left—if it was a black cat especially—would be an ominous thing.
While these stories and superstitions about black cats have been around for centuries, none of them are based on fact or reality. Black cats have absolutely no difference in personality, health, or longevity than any other color of cat. Why a specific color of cat would be associated with bad luck for humans?
Another urban legend suggests that satanic cults sacrifice black cats on Halloween. Out of fear of abuse, some animal shelters will not adopt out black cats in the weeks leading up to the holiday. Rather than feeding this myth and depriving black cats of the chance to find a new forever home, many shelters are simply extra cautious during the month of October.
“We try to be very cautious with adoptions going out at that time and make sure we are adopting out these cats to somebody who is indeed going to take this cat home and protect him, not persecute him because of the color of his coat,” vet doctors says.
A black cat bringing someone bad luck is just as likely as a four-leaf clover bringing good luck.

October, 2018 is… Mental Health Month

October 20

History Of Mental Health Month
The story of mental health care is a long one, reaching far back into history where men and women battled with what were believed to be literally invisible demons that lived in their heads. Prayer and exorcisms, witch doctors and shamans alike were called on to aid those who struggled with these conditions. Later it was determined that rather than some supernatural element, it was clear that those suffering from these disorders were, in fact, dealing with medical conditions that could be treated, though no one quite knew how in those days.

It wasn’t until on Clifford W. Beers attempted suicide after his first battle with the (then unknown) bipolar disorder and the death of his brother that someone finally started championing those who suffered from mental health disorders. His experience in those institutions at the time showed him that something had to be done to help others with similar issues, and began a long quest to improve the mental health profession. Mental Health Month has established to champion this quest, and to help raise awareness of all the conditions and the millions of people who battle them every month.

How To Celebrate Mental Health Month
Mental Health Month is best celebrated by educating yourself on the conditions that those with mental disorders live with. A little understanding can go a long way towards helping these individuals live an open and meaningful life, and feel welcome and loved among their friends and families. You can also volunteer at local clinics, and aid the entire community by providing much-needed assistance to these organizations. If nothing else, a simple donation to one of the organizations who work to champion the research and treatment of these conditions can go a long way. Don’t let Mental Health Month go by without broadening your understanding of the challenges of mental illness.

October, 2018 is… Cyber Security Awareness Month

October 19

October 2018 is… Cyber Security Awareness Month
So, you think your computer is the best thing you own? Then why not take the time to protect it? It all starts with cleaning out the cobwebs and adding in Anti-Virus software to ensure your device has at least minimal protection.
It doesn’t end there though, check the settings on your firewall to make sure you’re safe and ensure your network has a password on it. This can be a daunting proposition for those who aren’t tech savvy, but Cyber Security Awareness Month is your opportunity to learn a little more about how to keep your net travel safe.

History of Cyber Security Awareness Month
Staring in October in 2004 the world began to notice that Cyber Security although an issue already, so Cyber Security Awareness Month was established to help raise awareness about this issue that’s become a critical part of our lives.
Every day thousands of people have their networks compromised and their security stole because they don’t know how to secure their web-equipped devices correctly, so the National Cyber Security Association (the NCSA) has taken steps to raise awareness of this issue.
Every year the NCSA continues to monitor the risks to America’s cybersecurity, paying attention to everything from the largest government office to the individual home user. Everyone who’s on the web needs to understand how to make their experience there safe and enjoyable. From pamphlets and websites to seminars and programming, the NCSA helps to drive understanding and awareness during Cyber Security Month.

How to Celebrate Cyber Security Awareness Month
Start off Cyber Security Awareness Month by opening up your computer and running your antivirus program on a deep scan. Don’t have one or don’t know how to do that? It’s time to go off to the internet and research the topic. We know it may seem exceedingly confusing and difficult, but if you take the time to learn about cybersecurity, you’ll be ensuring you have a safe experience throughout the years to come.

Did you have a hard time passing the Sterile Processing Technician certification exam?

October 1

Did you have a hard time passing the Sterile Processing Technician certification exam?

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