March 27

Central service technicians first step to receiving a job is having to go through an interview. During this interview the employer is looking for the interviewee to have specific qualities that will convince them that he or she is capable of working in this field. Here are a few things to remember when going through your interview process:

 Anticipate to be asked open and closed ended questions about your previous experience in the central service field.

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  • Be genuine with your response, employers don’t want to hear what you read in your textbook.
  • Make sure to answer the question being asked clearly.
  • Prepare questions for the employer in order to show that you are not only eager but to also allow the interviewer to participate in the process.
  • Show the employer that you are ready and capable to work with the central service team.
  • Speak about the contributions you can make to the central service field such as your personal experiences and knowledge.
  • Show the advancement you have made in this field from your previous job or your education.
  • Display basic communication and listening skill; a big portion of the central service field is being able to communicate and listen to others.

Register before May 15, 2017 and get $100 OFF